Cameroon tightens security at the National Assembly 0

As the second ordinary session of the National Assembly for the 2016 legislative year rolls on, the Ngoa-Ekelle Glass House is as busy as a bee hive. Conscious of the security context prevailing in the country faces at the moment from the Boko Haram terrorist sect, a series of preventive security measures have been put in place to pre-empt any nasty scenario.

As a sensible state institution, the National Assembly has within its premises a permanent detachment of the National Gendarmerie tasked with ensuring security of both the personnel and property. In the case of an event like parliamentary sessions, security measures are further beefed up given that it attract people across the board, including Members of Parliament, cabinet ministers, members of the diplomatic corps and the general public.

Within the context of the ongoing parliamentary session, the Secretary General of the National Assembly, Victor YeneOssomba, signed an internal communiqué (posted on the notice board of the National Assembly) with specific security measures to be observed by everyone.

The systematic check of persons and vehicles is a condition sin quo-non forentryto the premises of the National Assembly. Not only has the entrance from the Lycée Bilingued’Application (LBA) end been temporarily closed, but there is a considerable limitation of the number of visitors to Glass House. The measures also include the prohibition of dressing that does not allow immediate identification as well as gatherings within the precincts of the institution.


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