Cameroonian beer and soft drinks exports soar by 73% and 46.6% in 2022 0

Cameroon’s brewing companies saw a significant boost in their beer exports in 2022. According to data from the National Statistics Agency (INS), exports surged by 73% over the period to 12,602 tons, bringing in a total of CFA5.7 billion. The previous year, beer exporters sold 7,285 tons of beer and collected CFA3 billion.

Soft drink shipments have followed a similar trend. INS reported that these beverages generated CFA3.5 billion in 2022, from exports totaling 7,124 tons. This represents increases of 46.6% in volume and nearly 61% in revenue compared to 2021, when the country exported 4,860 tons for CFA2 billion.

Although neighboring countries of Cameroon have brewing facilities that are often owned by the same multinationals operating in Cameroon, the beers and beverages from this CEMAC country are highly sought after, especially in countries like Gabon and Equatorial Guinea.

Source: Business in Cameroon