Cameroonians desperate for change, delude selves into thinking regional election matters 0

Frankly speaking the candidates recruited by the CPDM crime syndicate to participate in the so-called regional elections in both La Republique du Cameroun and Southern Cameroons-Ambazonia seem to be very different certainly in terms of personality. However, the candidates are aware that President Biya and his CPDM gang are boorish, unrefined, loud, and they are not the kind of people any right thinking citizen from both nations would want to do political business with. They are too full of themselves and they rely only on the army for their political survival and existence.

Biya and his acolytes are smoother. Biya is the father of the nation, he cares for everyone!! At least these are the personality traits that the Francophone Beti Ewondo consortium of crime syndicates tries to project. But that in itself shows the barrenness of the whole regional election process. To be accurate, these CPDM tugs in both La Republique and Southern Cameroons have built themselves up into something and are touting the regional elections as the greatest election, the most important election in the history of the two Cameroons and political commentators are watching and saying, are these people really serious?

Everybody including the international community is aware that Biya-CPDM policies don’t change. That’s how the people of Southern Cameroons including the Ambazonia Restoration Forces see what’s going on. The notion that a new Cameroon will emerge after the regional elections with a sense of dignity, a sense of purpose and respectability with Biya as head of state only demonstrates that it is a lot of pretending.

Philemon Yang and Peter Mafany Musonge are the most perfect distillation of what French Cameroun represents-a nation where no one takes responsibility, no one apologizes, and no one resigns!! These two shameless former Southern Cameroons prime ministers are caricature of Biya’s Cameroon, the ugly Cameroon so to speak!

Everywhere in the two Cameroons, there is much deeper anger. Anger at what the 87 year old Biya and his criminal gangs pretend to represent. In the two Cameroons, there is deep-seated fear and anxiety about the future, about the disappearance of agro industrial plants, the crushing of local financial institutions, the fraudulent privatization agenda, political elites lying to the population and government not listening! And for a variety of reasons Biya has manipulated this into a personality mind storm that is quite impressive. Consequently, the ruling CPDM party will pull out a stunning victory and chaos will continue to reign in the two Cameroons.

We of the Cameroon Concord News Group are of the opinion that there is not going to be any difference after the regional elections. No matter what CPDM militants and the Cameroon government military which has eventually become a political constituency in the two Cameroons choose they’re deluding themselves. This has happened in Biya’s 38 years in office. So, the regional election is not a special election and it will make no difference.

La Republique du Cameroun and Southern Cameroons under Biya is an oligarchy, not a democracy!! Both French and English speaking Cameroonians have very, very little power to change the rules that govern them and that power is given mostly or asserted mostly by Biya and his appointees. Correspondingly, voting in the regional election will not get rid of Biya and his Atanga Nji gangs and it is also not going to solve the big issues confronting the two Cameroons. It’s not.

Prime Minister Dion Ngute, Philemon Yang and Peter Mafany Musonge want every Southern Cameroonian to forget all the things that have happened following the war Biya declared against the people of Ambazonia including all the killings of our women and children that the Biya regime has initiated under Defense Minister Beti Assomo. Then what? You wake up and drive on a good road from Bamenda to Wum or from Mamfe to Akwaya? Or you wake up and see jobs being created all over the counties?

It will be the army destroying Southern Cameroons villages, BIR raping and killings Southern Cameroons teenage girls and police beating our teachers and lawyers in the street and doing it with impunity on and on and on.

The French Cameroun system is resilient and resistant to intensive and productive change. And it’s not going to be fixed by this so-called regional election, no matter how they scream and shout about how important it is.

By Soter Tarh Agbaw-Ebai