Canada to mediate political rifts between Southern Cameroons and La Republique 0

Canada officially has offered to mediate between Southern Cameroons & La Republique du Cameroun.

In a Press Release dated July 4th,2019 issued in Ottawa, the Canadian MPs sub-Committee on International Human Rights of the Standing Committee on Foriegn Affairs and International Development has said “Canada is Well Placed to engage in the complex task of Establishing a mediation process leading to a political Solution acceptable to both Cameroon’s central government and its Anglophone community “
Anita Vandenbeld, MP, is quoted in the Press Release.

The Canadian government has, via its MPs, called for a negotiated peaceful settlement between the Separatists Southern Cameroons Independence Movements and La Republique du Cameroun to end the 3- year armed conflict in Anglophone regions of the North West and South West regions.

The Canadian government believes its model for Quebec can be replicated in Southern Cameroons. However 95% of Southern Cameroonians want complete independence from the majority French Cameroun and will thus not accept a Federal status with autonomous political structures if it’s short of full independence.