Cardinal Tumi condemns tribalism, says he does not believe in regional balance 1

Cardinal Christian Tumi, cardinal emeritus of the Douala Arch Diocese has reacted to the issue of tribalism in governance in Cameroon. The retired Roman Catholic prelate was asked to comment on the recent wave of memoranda written by elites from some communities to the head of state, President Paul Biya that have become common practice in Cameroon.

The response of the former Archbishop of Garoua was straightforward. “I do not accept this way of doing things. This is purely tribalism. We must have an acceptable development pattern void of tribalism. We have over 200 ethnic groups in Cameroon. If each tribe or ethnic group began to demand jobs or infrastructure only for their community, what will become of Cameroon?

The Cardinal added that, “We must not think in terms of tribe, but in terms of nation. If a Cameroonian works well, regardless of tribal origin and irrespective of the place where he works, he works for Cameroon. I do not believe in the regional balance. That is why I favour merit and competence. We must promote values such as good work and effort in society. I have never worked as Bishop in Anglophone Cameroon where I am from. As a priest, I never worked in my tribal area. I have worked with the people I met in all the places the Holy Father has sent me to. I’m on my third diocese,” noted Cardinal Tumi.

Cameroon has been rocked by a series of petitions from political elites of the Far North, North, Centre and South regions all claiming that their respective peoples and constituencies have not received the attention they deserve from the ruling CPDM consortium of crime syndicates.

By Sonne Peter with cables from CIN