‘Champion of pan-Africanism:’ Ambazonian VP pays respect to Magufuli 0

Message of condolence to the people of Tanzania

We, the people of the Southern Cameroons (Ambazonia) learnt last night with great disbelief and pain the passing of your president, Dr John Magufuli.

On this very painful occasion, we express our deep condolences to the entire nation of Tanzania. President John Mogufuli was a great Pan-Africanist who put his people and the continent of Africa first in all he worked for during his time in office.

His loss is not only to you, the people of Tanzania, but a sad loss for the rest of the continent of Africa.

The people of Southern Cameroons remember President Magufuli as a great African with a great human touch who upheld traditional values and brought pride to Africans as a whole. We cherish dearly, a man who stood for the dignity and worth of his people and for the greatness of Africa as a whole.

At this difficult hour, our sympathy and prayers go to the entire nation of Tanzania. We pray that you be granted the fortitude to cope with this great and untimely loss.

Yours in sympathy,

Dabney Yerima

Vice President

Federal Republic of Ambazonia