Chantal Biya Crisis: Paris-based Jeune Afrique comes under attack 0

A consortium of French Cameroun media houses have denounced the pan African newspaper Jeune Afrique for fabricating lies against first lady Chantal Biya. Most of the French Cameroun publications that constantly receive bribes from the Yaounde regime recently observed that each year the Paris-based Pan-African magazine attacks one important individual in the Biya regime.

In some of the editorials, the Francophone publications noted that, ignorant of the political realities of Cameroon, Jeune Afrique indicated in a web of lies that it is the first lady Chantal Biya who is running the nation by imposing her kinsmen and women on the head of state.

In addressing the crisis created in Yaounde by Jeune Afrique, Le Journal showered praises on Chantal Biya and pointed out that she remains an icon of the Cameroonian nation.  Marie Claire Nnana, who now heads the CPDM government’s daily “Cameroon-Tribune”, stated that accession to power in Cameroon is governed by constitutional rules.

“L’Anecdote” and “L’Epervier” both reported that Jeune Afrique has been recruited by enemies of the Biya regime to destabilise Cameroon. For all these French Cameroun newspapers, Cameroonians are not superficial and know how to avoid the pitfalls.

A Jeune Afrique investigation had revealed that first lady Chantal Biya was positioning her kinsmen and women in leading government departments. Among them, Ferdinand Ngoh Ngoh, Minister Secretary-General of the presidency of the republic, the most powerful member of the Chantal Biya galaxy who was made minister of state on the 4th of January.

There is also Pierre Ismael Bidoung Mkpatt Minister of Sports, (his wife Habissou Bidoung Mkpatt is in the circle of the closest to the first lady) and Oswald Baboke, (originally from the East and not Nanga-Eboko as the wife of the Cameroonian president). Oswald Baboke is the deputy director of the civil cabinet, responsible for the private affairs of the first lady. Baboke is currently one of Cameroon’s most influential leaders.

Last month, a large number of Cameroon government ministers appointed on the 4th of January 2019 traveled to Nanga-Eboko, Chantal Biya’s hometown and stronghold of Ferdinand Ngoh Ngoh for a meeting of thanks to the head of state for appointing them into the government.

Rita Akana and Sama Ernest