Charles Ndongo says Biya is his savior and messiah 0

Appointments in CPDM Cameroon are not often seen as a virtue but as a reward from the head of state. This is the favor that Charles Ndongo recently got from the Cameroonian dictator when he was appointed general manager of the state owned radio and television.

Immediately after his installation, Charles Ndongo, publicly expressed gratitude to the president of the republic painting him as his “savior” and “messiah”.

Said Ndongo; “Biya has fundamentally and literally saved my life. I had only two months and some days to go on retirement but Biya has saved me. He is my savior and messiah. Thank you Mr President”. In Cameroon, retirement is seen by many CPDM militants as a kind of punishment.

Rita Akana (Cameroon Concord News Group)