Chief Inoni in France playing his old CPDM French Cameroun tricks 0

Chief Ephraim Inoni, former prime minister and an ex- President Biya acolyte detained since 2012 and sentenced to 20 years imprisonment for embezzlement of public funds has refused to return to his prison cell in Yaoundé from a Paris Hospital.

The Southern Cameroonian who was top in those days in the CPDM crime syndicate was evacuated in October 2019 from the Yaoundé Kondengui Central Prison to France for medical reasons. The Biya regime VIP prisoner has recovered and moved instead to an apartment located in the 16th district in Paris, France.

Cameroon Intelligence Report gathered from Jeune Afrique that Chief Inoni is currently living in a small apartment furnished by the Cameroon government and does not intend to return to Cameroon. His friends in the government have even made an application to French immigration authorities to extend his stay in France.

Inoni was severely beaten on the 22nd of July 2019 by fellow inmates who had mutinied at Kondengui Central Prison and was rushed to the Yaoundé Central Hospital before Biya authorized his evacuation to France in October 2019.

By Chi Prudence Asong