Tens of thousands in the Diaspora and millions back home in Ambazonia have been calling the Interim Government relentlessly since yesterday to know in what way they can support the struggle at this historic moment. Last night, government headquarters telephone lines were crammed. The initial mood yesterday at headquarters was that of dejection but as the minutes ticked, The Interim Government gathered and drew inspiration from numerous lessons in history.

This laudable and unrelenting show of support from citizens is not surprising as this struggle is the paramount challenge of our generation. As the barbarism and arrogance from La Republique lingers, many previously lethargic Ambazonians are joining the struggle with enthusiasm and resolve.  It’s rational to conclude that an irresponsible action from Yaoundé has been a great and painless recruitment effort. The citizens’ lists on the official government website recorded a 16.3 percent increase in citizenship registrations yesterday. The largest such increase in a day since the 3rd of October 2017.

Our source said the mood in Yaoundé is one of nervous uneasiness. Along the dusty and rusty corridors of whatever power they have left, they are still finding it difficult to countenance the nerve of these little ‘Anglofools’. A corrupt system built on first division mediocrity has no solution to the first real political problem it’s faced. They are chaotic, anxious and undoubtedly lacking in solutions.

Ambazonians are getting more audacious in their support of this struggle for emancipation which is a civilized way of sticking two fingers to the oppressor. The message to Yaoundé is loud and clear; this struggle is bigger than the arrest of our leaders. Our time has come. Our time is now. We can smell the sweet fragrance of freedom and we are prepared to die for it so our descendants can inherit a land free of subjugation and abuse.

The financial donations: The Interim Government has received over the last 24 hours has been nothing short of miraculous. Whilst the monetary contributions being collected in the United States and Canada are impressive, it’s worth noting that donations from European chapters of the struggle clearly need massive improvement. The Interim Government is hereby urging the European leaders of the struggle to inspire their people in order to get the best financial backing they can offer at this time.

Money is one of the most imperative essentials in this struggle. We have to constantly remind ourselves, that whilst Biya and his serial embezzlers are bankrolled by the proceeds of raw materials from Ambaland, we have no external source of income. These donations made by citizens and sympathisers are the backbone designed for financing the battle ahead.

Our people back home are waiting to see what we in the Diaspora do at this time. If we continue to raise impressive sums of money as the comrades in the USA, Canada and South Africa are doing, our destination would be closer. Such actions will send and is already sending a strong message to Mvomeka that we are determined to get our freedom.

Our freedom is our right. Our fight is just. History is on our side. The world is watching. Our time is now.

Ambazonians back home are watching, waiting and expectant. Ambazonians in Europe stand up and be counted with your financial donations. The onus is on you to put your money where your mouth is.

Sessekou Asu Isong