Civil society groups uncertain about Biya regime’s capacity to resolve the Ambazonia crisis 0

The reconstitution of the Cameroonian government on March 2, many not be enough to calm tensions in some English-speaking regions of the country.

In Bamenda, the northwestern part of the country, for example, some residents have protested against the retention and appointment of certain English-speaking personalities.

Civil society groups say this realignment is not a solution to the crisis. ‘‘This subject is of no importance to me because I realized that the most important and urgent thing to do was not a reshuffle, nor a change of ministers. It is very important to see how this situation can be resolved by all means “, a member of the Anti-corruption and human rights council , Mambo Gabi told Africanews.

For Dr. Nick NGWANYAM, a Director of the Research Institute more is needed.

‘‘It’s as if we wanted 100% to solve a problem but we’re still in the 10% range. So there is 90% left, not only for English-speaking problems but also those affecting other citizens’‘.

Director at the Research Institute, Dr Nick Ngwanyam said the solution begins with solving social problems, particularly the education system.

‘‘Since 1960, the educational system in Cameroon has been wrong.It is not good at all . Education is supposed to enable young people to have problem-solving skills. But in our universities and educational system, we teach children just the theory. Some people don’t even know how to write their names, let alone make a bamboo chair. If you ask me, I will say that a new government will be on its way where more people with the bad spirit will be taken out and the right spirit will come on board. People who will add value to their system, those who will prevent us from eating Chinese rice, those who know how to help young people create jobs, things like that’‘, said Dr. Ngwanyam.

Dr. Ngwanyam is advocating for the establishment of a new leadership and a return to the negotiating table for an amicable solution to the unrest.


Culled from Africa News