CNPS General Manager is being investigated for fraud 0


A Prosecutor at the Special Criminal Court has opened an investigation against the current General Manager of the National Social Insurance Fund, CNPS. According to several sources, the State of Cameroon is suing Mekulu Mvondo Akame Alain Noel Olivier for “suspicions tax evasion” in complicity with the firm TSEKANE. Cameroon Concord News gathered that he made” SPECIAL DEDUCTIONS” on the salaries of some employees without any legal basis and transferred the money to a firm where he had vested interest.

Mvondo Akame Alain Noel Olivier was appointed head of the National Social Insurance Fund (CNPS) by a presidential decree on 7 April 2008. He was previously a secretary in the Economic Affairs Division at the Presidency of the Republic. The 58-year-old CEO of the CNPS is a product of the National School of Administration and Judiciary.

In 1998, the former Minister of State Control, Mrs Gwanmesia got Mekulu Mvondo arrested and detained for six months in the central prison at Kondengui, in a preventive detention, until the verdict of  a scandal that had rocked the Douala ports vindicated him. Alain Olivier Noël Mekulu Mvondo left Kondegui and State Control and joined Hévéa du Cameroun (Hévécam), a privatized company in which the State remains a shareholder, where he held the position of Deputy Managing Director in charge of human resources management.

By Rita Akana with cables from CIN