Cold Birthday: Cameroon Intelligence Report Analyse Biya-Chantal Birthday Photos 0

Many observers have remarked on the recent photo published by Cameroon Concord News Group on President Biya’s 85 birthday celebration forcing us to hire the services of some photo experts to scrutinize the birthday pictures.

The observed animosity and discomfort was evident from the very first photo snapped of the event reportedly hosted at the Unity Palace. The photos showed an elaborate cake with President Biya and his wife grinning with merriment.

Cameroon Intelligence Report has clarified the photo to be a Photoshop modification of a half decent computer artist. Upon scrutinizing the photos they concluded that;

  1. They found a little girl of Asian origin in the background. That supported their theory that the original photo belonged to a family of Asian lineage.
  2. There were three cakes on the cake tray stand where Biya participated in the cutting. So why was Biya holding another cake in the same photo?  Where would that fit?
  3. The home background, furniture and deco are all of Asian extraction.
  4. The complexion of his hands is too light and appears youthful for an African male at 85 years of age.
  5. Mrs. Chantal Biya has always loved exotic hairstyles correspondingly; the style on the photo isn’t her taste.

The photos released by the presidency of the republic purporting to show a healthy Paul Biya, may as well just be another ploy by the ruling CPDM crime syndicate to mislead national and international public opinion about his health.

By Chi Prudence Asong in London