Commercial Bank-Cameroon: Business as usual 0

The atmosphere at the headquarters of the Commercial Bank-Cameroon is reportedly calm, serene and busy. Attention was drawn to the renowned financial establishment following an announcement that the mandate accorded the provisional administrators had come to an end.

The nation’s national daily, Cameroon Tribune revealed that customers were withdrawing their desired amounts or saving without any stress. Some who were gunning for school loans had them on time. Rumour earlier circulated that with the end of the mandate of the Provisional Administrators mindful of the crisis that rocked the bank some years ago, services were going to be affected or weakened.

Some customers recently noted that the fervency of services has signaled that the bank stands a better chance of attracting more potential clients. Payment and savings counters, as well as the automated teller machines have been busy. Affiliated services such as money transfer via Western Union are all impressively patronized.

Cameroon Tribune