Conservatives predicted to win large majority in UK general election 0

Prime Minister Boris Johnson and his Conservative party were on track for an outright majority in Parliament, according to a UK exit poll released late Thursday, likely making a January 31 Brexit deadline a reality.

The poll predicted that the Conservative Party was on track to take 368 of the 650 House of Commons seats to the Labour Party’s 191 seats.

The poll, which is conducted for UK broadcasters, projected 55 seats for the anti-Brexit Scottish National Party and 13 seats for the Liberal Democrats.

That outcome will likely allow Johnson to fulfil his plan to take the UK out of the European Union by a January 31 deadline.

A spokesperson for Britain’s opposition Labour Party led by Jeremy Corbyn said it was too early to jump to conclusions.

“It’s only the very beginning of the night, and it’s too early to call the result,” the party said in a statement.