Consortium announces a major diplomatic victory 3

Dear people of Southern Cameroons,

Within the past weeks, the Consortium and other parties involved in this struggle have engaged in robust diplomatic moves. We are happy to inform you that on all fronts we are scoring resounding successes.

Take note that we have engaged four heavy weights both in Africa and elsewhere directly, and secured their firm support.

Because this information is too sensitive, given the nature of diplomatic negotiations, we are concealing the names of the partners concerned until the big day God has appointed for us to sing and dance in the new country.

We now have as duty to continue shutting down schools, refuse paying taxes, boycott camtel, Crtv, police/gendarme offices and take your case to Fons/Chiefs or Quarter heads and most importantly observing ghost towns on Mondays and Tuesdays until February ending when we would review our ghost town days.

We call on you reading us to pass this information in a text message through SMS back home. We are winning.

For the Consortium

Tassang, Bareta and Tapang