Consortium calls on Southern Cameroonians not to listen to Senator Musonge 2

The Cameroon Anglophone Civil Society Consortium has appealed to West Cameroonians not to pay attention to Senator and former Prime Minister Peter Manfany Musonge. Consortium sources say the former Head of Government is under duress from the Biya Francophone regime. Musonge who is at the mercy of President Biya over the hundreds of millions he has in a Swiss bank account has summoned a meeting of the so-called South West political elites to counter the Cameroon Anglophone Civil Society Consortium. Some of Musonge’s wealth was allegedly gained from bribes and the Mutengene timber accident.

The former Prime Minister and current Senator of the ruling CPDM crime syndicate attempted to sue the paper Nouvelle Expression following a publication sponsored by Biya’s agents that depicted him arriving in Switzerland with money pouring out of his brief case. Musonge’s reign as Prime Minister and Head of Government was accused of civil rights crackdowns, torture, and executions.  A source deep within the Cameroon Anglophone Civil Society Consortium was quoted as saying that Southern Cameroons will not asked Switzerland to recover the Musonge funds.

It is still unclear why the Senator decided to organized the meeting at this crucial moment in Southern Cameroons history. However, the interim leaders of the Cameroon Anglophone Civil Society Consortium have sounded a note of caution to all Southern Cameroonians of the Buea Province to remain vigilant and not to listen to the generation that has caused the deaths of many West Cameroonians.

We got intelligence that a majority of Southern Cameroons CPDM political elites are under Secret Service surveillance and have been told to speak against federalism and secession or lose their ill gotten wealth.  Swiss bank accounts are infamous for their privacy, security, and hiding wealth.

Swiss law made it a criminal offense to reveal a client’s identity in 1934, creating a huge tax haven. A leak from the global bank HSBC revealed Swiss accounts involved in blood diamond trading, cocaine smuggling and bribery. Some 41 Swiss banks signed amnesty agreements with the US Justice Department requiring them to disclose ways they helped customers hide assets in 2013.

Culled from Cameroon Intelligence Report