Coronavirus Pandemic: Why the resistance against hydroxychloroquine? 0

The world is used to thinking that American systems are the best in the world, but a small virus has simply exposed the so-called superpower.

While other countries have gone about the spread of the Coronavirus in a quiet and philosophical manner, in America, it has become a soap opera, with politics standing in the way of business.

Just agreeing on the way forward has been an Herculean task. America is not the only democracy in the world and it is not the only developed country in this planet of ours.

I have always held that size is not necessarily a sign of strength. For decades, Japan with a small population was a lot stronger, both militarily and economically than China that has always counted over a billion inhabitants.

Today, the American tenet that bigger is better is simply falling apart. Its ability to deal with health emergencies has been tested and this country has failed the test woefully.

The American health system leaves much to be desired and due to nasty politics, it will be tough to get the system fixed.

 The American healthcare system like the country’s electoral system needs a facelift, but this will not be possible in a context in which winning an election trumps over other components of life.

The political bickering is making it hard for even the smallest things to be achieved. Even in the face of a pandemic that is robbing many families of their happiness, Americans are still fighting, instead of working together to keep this invisible enemy at bay.

There is no cure for this pandemic and it seems to be determined to spread across the country at lightning speed. For now, the only hope is the use of hydroxychloroquine to save some lives, but the pushback is incredible.

For weeks, the American drama has been playing out, but it is not palatable to millions across the world.

 The world is really sick and tired of hearing Americans resisting the use of hydroxychloroquine which is already being used in other countries.

This medication is being tried in Canada and  a French expert has proven that lives have been saved, thanks to this medication.

I know some American media networks such as CNN hate Trump with his policies and they are doing a great job at giving him a very bad name for floating the idea that hydroxychloroquine could be used, especially in an election year. But what options do Americans really have in the face of this pandemic that is mowing down many of their fellow citizens?

 This medication has been used for decades against malaria in Africa and it did really save so many lives. Its side effects are known and its potential to slow down the virus is no longer a secret.

 Is the world going to wait for American laboratories to accept that this drug be used before it becomes useable across the world?

 Anyways, for many people across the world who are simply spectators, they will continue to watch this drama from a distance as Americans die like flies which have been sprayed with a strong insecticide.

There is an urgent need to save lives and many people around the world think that a lot of flexibility needs to be demonstrated when the world is faced with medical emergencies.

Of what value will it be to manufacture a ‘silver bullet’ that will take two years when everybody would have been dead and gone?

If this medication had all the side effects Americans are raising today, why did they ship this drug to Africa? Is it that Africans are not human enough? The number of deaths in America will continue to rise if strong and robust measures are not taken. And for now, only hydroxychloroquine holds that promise.

In less than a month, America has lost more than 8,000 people. How many more Americans need to die before the CNN and other media outfits that hate the Trump administration can understand that the world has been thrust into a race against time?

What if Trump’s gamble pays off, will the CNN and its likes acknowledge their own mistakes? Many non-Americans usually side with the Democrats, but in this case, they don’t think lives must be wasted just because the idea is Trump’s.

 A little bit of modesty and caution could help postpone death for thousands of Americans who are waiting for any medication that can bring them some relief.

How did China cure its own cases? Can Americans be humble enough to learn from those who have already gone through this ordeal? 

For how long are they going to continue fighting each other while the real enemy continues to blight their lives?

This is no time for talking. All efforts must be geared towards finding a solution. It does not really matter who comes up with one. The world just needs to roll back the insidious virus. That should be the focus.

By Dr Joachim Arrey