Coronavirus pushes French Cameroun to cancel 2020 Labour and National Day celebrations 0

Labour Day and National Unity Day, scheduled for 1 and 20 May respectively, have been cancelled in French Cameroun, the presidency announced Wednesday evening. 

The ruling CPDM gang is using the Coronavirus pandemic as a reason for cancelling the 2020 editions of Labour Day and the so-called National Unity Day that has seen French Cameroun marginalized Southern Cameroonians for 58 years.

“Because of the need to respect the measures of social distancing prescribed by the government of the Republic, President Paul Biya has decided to cancel the public celebrations of the 2020 Labor Day and National Day,” wrote Ferdinand Ngoh Ngoh, Minister-Secretary General at the French Cameroun Presidency of the Republic.

These explanations do not seem to convince all French speaking Cameroonians, some of whom continue to spread the rumour of the death of their head of state despite his recent appearance at an audience with the French ambassador to Cameroon.

By Chi Prudence Asong