Coup Scare In Cameroun 0

The social media space was on Friday awashed with report that 85-year-old President of Cameroun, Paul Bila has been overthrown. However, the reports turned out to be untrue. Cameroun went to the polls last Sunday, in a determined effort by a coalition of opposition parties to puncture the 38 years rule of Bila.

The last time a coup d’état occurred in Cameroon was in 1984; when presidential palace guards unsuccessfully tried to overthrow President Paul Biya, resulting in fighting that began on April 6, 1984 and ended several days later.

The coup attempt is widely viewed as one of the most crucial events in the history of Cameroon since independence in 1960. The opposition coalition led by Maurice Kanto had declared himself the winner of the Sunday polls, a claim the Cameroonian authorities swiftly denied.

Of importance is that the English Speaking side of Cameroun has been embroiled in a crisis of succession owing to language imposition of the French language. The lack of transparency in connections with the misuse of power is the reasons that the Republic is ready for a political change, as the opposition has even claimed to be the winner of this rigged election. This being Maurice Kamto for instance.

Source: Anonymous