CPDM Cameroon: Where housemaids are now killing children 0

The story about the killing of 12 year old boy Rhandy Ndonko is still making news around the Ngoussou neighbourhood and Yaounde the nation’s capital. He was stabbed and killed last September 2016 by a 22 year old girl – Nchang Tina Ngwa who was apparently serving as housemaid to the Ndonko Family at Santa Babara-Ngoussou neighbourhood in Yaounde.

From police investigations, Nchang Tina Ngwa affirmed that she drank two bottles of Guinness and a short of whisky before committing the act. Rhandy died shortly after having been stabbed three times on his back. As if that wasn’t enough, she tried stabbing Rhandy’s elder brother Ndonko Wanyl who attempted to rescue his brother but did not succeed.

Tina who was arrested eight days after the incident, was recently presented to the public by the elements of the First Police District of the Centre Region in Yaounde. The bloody act occurred just after two weeks of Tina’s recruitment as house maid at the Ndonko’s and at a time where the children just resumed schools from holidays.  As a result of this, the forces of law and order are calling on parents to keep a close watch at the house maids they employ to serve their households.