CPDM Crime Syndicate: Camwater signs school-to-employment deal with NHPSD 0

Cameroon’s water utility, Camwater, entered into a partnership agreement on October 19th with the National Higher Polytechnic School of Douala (NHPSD) to facilitate the professional integration of graduates.

Under the agreement, NHPSD will provide its most qualified engineers to support the state-owned company. According to Camwater, NHPSD graduates will participate in specific projects conducted within the company, and Camwater will offer its support, to the best of its abilities and whenever feasible, for the training and organization of scientific and technological events at the University of Douala.

The state-owned company has additionally pledged to welcome interns from Polytech Douala and has been granted the privilege of retraining its staff at this vocational training school as part of their continuous professional development.

Source: Business in Cameroon