CPDM Crime Syndicate merges Sodecoton & Cicam to boost textiles 0

The government of the central African country of Cameroon has announced a strategic merger of Société de développement du Coton (Sodecoton) and Cotonnière Industrielle du Cameroun (Cicam) to boost the country’s cotton textiles industry. The merger is part of the government’s 2020-30 National Development Strategy, which includes revival of the leather sector.

Sodecoton organises the production and marketing of cotton in Cameroon, while Cicam specialises in the manufacture of 100 per cent cotton loincloths and towels.

Within the framework of the National Development Strategy, the government aims to increase the country’s cotton production to 600,000 tons a year by 2025.

The strategy also aims to increase the volume of local cotton use by the domestic industry to 50 per cent by 2030. The cotton will be used for making apparel, particularly sportswear, and is expected to meet around 50 per cent of Cameroon’s clothing demand.

The garments produced using at least 60 per cent of local cotton will be supplied to the military, police and other government departments, according to Cameroon media reports.