CPDM Crime Syndicate: Philémon Yang on his way to the presidency of the UN General Assembly 0

Philémon Yang, former Prime Minister of Cameroon, is set to become the president of the 79th United Nations General Assembly next June.

Aged 76, he will succeed Denis Francis of Trinidad and Tobago. His candidacy, supported by President Paul Biya, received strong support from the Central Africa region, making him Africa’s only candidate for this prestigious position.

Paul Biya played a crucial role in Yang’s candidacy, publicly supporting him and mobilizing ambassadors in Yaoundé in his favor.

Despite his replacement in 2019, Yang remained active in power circles, holding senior positions. His integrity and discretion, as well as his record of not being involved in controversial matters, strengthened his candidacy.

Philémon Yang, a seasoned diplomat, has a long career marked by key positions and above all benefits from a reputation for integrity. His future presidency at the UN will see him engage in resolving global crises, far from the tumult of Cameroonian politics.

Source: Le Journaldelafrique