CPDM Crime Syndicate receives China-donated medical equipment to fight COVID-19 0

The Yaounde Central Hospital, one of the largest designated hospitals for COVID-19 treatment in Cameroon, received a batch of medical equipment donated by China to fight against the novel coronavirus.

The equipment includes ventilators, oxygenerators, electrocardiographs, among others.

“This donation comes at the right time. We are all together in the fight against COVID-19, a difficult fight for the health personnel. (…) We can only thank the Chinese government,” said Hassan Ben Bachir, head of the cooperation division of the Ministry of Public Health, who represented the Cameroonian authority to receive the Chinese donation.

This donation is offered as part of the cooperation mechanism between Chinese and African hospitals, an initiative proposed by China to help Africa in the field of health. A partnership has been forged between the Yaounde Central Hospital and the First Hospital of Shanxi Medical University in China.

“This is the start of a collaboration which will be growing”, said Pierre Joseph Fouda, director of the Yaounde Central Hospital, “it is a great emotion and a feeling of joy to receive this donation.We will use it wisely.”

Source: Xinhuanet