CPDM news portal announces the creation of English-language schools by Bamileke billionaires 3

A report published by the pro Biya regime online portal, Cameroun Info.Net has revealed that Bamileke billionaires plan to build English-language schools in the Western region.  Cameroun Info.Net did not make public the names of the Bamileke tycoons but was quick to state that if the project succeeds it would be a great economic and cultural loss for the region of the Northwest, generally considered the base of Anglo-Saxon education in Cameroon.

Ever since the strike action orchestrated by the Cameroon Anglophone Civil Society Consortium, schools and colleges in Southern Cameroons have remain closed and ghost town operations have rocked the entire West Cameroon territory. The parents of Francophone students are now demanding reimbursement of their children’s school fees from both the Roman Catholic and Protestant academic establishments.

Reacting to the news of the Bamileke billionaires, our senior political commentator observed that it is simply an attempt by the Biya Francophone regime to put the Bamilekes and Southern Cameroonians are daggers-drawn positions.

By Rita Akana