CPDM President arrested for car theft in Yaounde 1

François Domique Bekolo, the CPDM Sub Section President for Nyong et So’o Division and three members of his executive were presented to the public last Thursday at the Regional Division of the Judicial Police in the Center region for car theft. The prominent militants of the ruling party were arrested by elements of the Central Judicial Police Division (DRPJC). The CPDM thugs had in a total 16 cars of various brands Toyota Corolla and Carina E., a bag of 200 kilograms of jewelry, a capacitor Sony Ericsson and a Compressor.

The four criminals, specialized in vehicle theft in Yaoundé and its surrounding environment have strong links with the presidency of the the republic including the National Gendarmerie. Cameroon Intelligence Report gathered that the CPDM gang regularly forced the owners of the vehicles at gun point to drive to Tsinga, near Dzeng in Nyong and So’o. As a method of operation, they then contact their accomplices at the Regional Transport Delegation and establish new gray cards for the stolen vehicles and then sell them.

Apart from car theft which was their main activity, Françis Dominique Bekolo and his associates were also master of the art of unloading container trucks. Indeed, after having followed for a few moments a truck in the night, the thugs would wisely stop the truck driver and spray a chemical at him that would make him sleep then finally unload the goods being transported by the truck.

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Reported By Cameroon Intelligence Report