CPDM Southern Cameroons elites have no regard for interests of Ambazonia, can’t be trusted 0

The Vice President of the Southern Cameroons Interim Government, Comrade Dabney Yerima has warned against putting trust in the so-called Southern Cameroons CPDM elites in Yaoundé saying they only care about their own interests in the two Cameroons, not those of the people of British Southern Cameroon.

Yerima made the remarks in a meeting grouping donors of the Interim Government on Thursday saying men like Elvis Ngolle, Paul Tasong, Paul Atanga Nji and Peter Mafany Musonge have consistently ignored U.S. Congress Resolution 684 which is critical of their actions in the conflict in Southern Cameroons and that their continued support of the Biya French Cameroun regime in Yaoundé is for the sake of their own benefits, thus they can never be trusted.

Our 59 year history with La Republique du Cameroun has shown that it is wrong to trust the ruling CPDM Southern Cameroons elites because they do not…feel concerned about the people of Southern Cameroons, Ambazonia IDPs and our refugees in Nigeria,” he added, noting that their presence occasionally in Ground Zero only disrupts Southern Cameroons security.

Elsewhere in his remarks, the exiled Southern Cameroons leader said “What Ambazonians want…is the unity and solidarity of all Southern Cameroons Restoration groups. Any differences and divisions among Ambazonian factions are harmful and pave the way for the presence of these CPDM Southern Cameroons elites, French Cameroun army soldiers and enemies in Ground Zero.”

Vice President Dabney Yerima also said the Southern Cameroons diaspora would never forget the sacrifices being made by the Southern Cameroons Self Defense Forces in Ground Zero.

By Chi Prudence Asong in London