Creation of the Manyu Liberation Council: A bold step in the right direction 0

Cameroon Concord News Group applauds the creation of the Manyu Liberation Council (MLC) as an institution to change the momentum of the Ambazonia revolution in the Manyu County. The need for change in Ambazonia was urgent and imperative but the creation of this innovative council goes beyond the expectation of all people of goodwill and aptitude. Analyzing the draft document during the presentation, it is clear why the elites in this revolution have cheered this Council as a guiding light to dispel the darkness that has covered the Ambazonia struggle for the last 11 months. A once promising struggle runs the risk of stagnation as a result of incompetence and gross management.

Cameroon Concord News Group believes that the creation of a lean structure with three arms: Finance, Self-defense and Humanitarian is shrewd and offers an intelligent alternative to the comical Congress, Senate and Governor childishness. We should be clear on one thing; the existing system was designed by some US based comedians and it has brought failure to this struggle as well as delight to the enemy. Impatience to see an end to a clumsy administrative experiment during a war is understandable and we believe that the Manyu Liberation Council is the answer to Manyu and the Federal Republic of Ambazonia.

One of the most underachieving constituent in the Ambazonia war is the humanitarian sector. With over 95,000 refugees living in squalid conditions in Nigeria and in desperate need for medicines and food supply, the existing Manyu County structure failed woefully to offer any hope and resources. The MLC’s creation of an independent humanitarian arm is astute and a relief to all the refugees in need for support. Cameroon Concord News Group is therefore emphasizing that the humanitarian wing of this new structure must get to work without delay to raise the funds needed to support our refugees in Nigeria.

For a long time now, men and women with vision have warned against sending Ambazonia self-defense forces to the frontline without adequate tools. The Manyu Liberation Council’s commitment to deliver appropriate resistance equipment is sensible. The visionary architects of the MLC document expressed valid boredom with the lack of stamina and vision that now permeates our revolution. From federal to county level, Sako Ikome and his gang have destroyed the structures that were put in place before him but we of the Concord Group believe and fervently too that his day out in an Ambazonia court in Buea shall certainly come.

The decision of the courageous sons and daughters of Ambazonia who crafted the MLC document to bring real change is one that this media outlet approves strongly. In the wise and beautifully constructed document detailing its vision for the Ambazonia struggle, the MLC seeks to bring forces around Manyu under one umbrella in a move that will improve discipline within the all Restoration Forces. We are going to push all the counties to emulate the Manyu example.

There are thousands of Ambazonian citizens living in the forests and hundreds of thousands struggling to put food on the table in the war ravaged territory but there is a social media Senate and Congress in Manyu that could only raise $ 3700 in ten months-to fight an enemy that has total control of the oil and gas fields of the Bakassi Peninsular. To question the mental health of some of these US based comedians isn’t unfair and unreasonable. For them, like Chris Anu and Barrister Fru John Nsoh, the Ambazonian struggle has become a game and some social media contest to display their unemployed selves and unemployable skills.

The role of the diaspora in the Ambazonia struggle is fundraising and diplomacy. Period! The idea that the funds aren’t trickling in is treasonous and Sako, Chris Anu and their crime syndicate must take full responsibility for their theft and lack of foresight. They must be held accountable to the Ambazonia people. The idea that ruffians can conspire to take us backwards in this struggle is unacceptable.

Sons and daughters of Manyu, you now have a liberation council; we of the Cameroon Concord News Group are challenging you to keep it. Some of us in the Concord Group may not get to Buea with you but it is abundantly clear Ambazonians will get to Buea soonest.

By Isong Asu