Crimes against humanity and genocide in Southern Cameroons: Mechanisms for redress 0

Very urgent complaints should be filed against the telephone operators jointly with La Republique du Cameroun for conspiracy and complicity in the crimes against humanity and genocide in the Southern Cameroons to the International Telecommunication Union in Geneva for the breach of the International Telecommunications Regulations (ITRs) Treaty which La Republique ratified 18/4/95. La Republique is a state party of the International Communications Union since 1960. The same complaints must also be filed as criminal complaints in the respective countries where the telephone operators are domiciled and at all international criminal and human rights courts or commissions. Class actions should be contemplated in the USA Courts against these telephone operators and La Republique and potentially in the countries in which they are domiciled.

The crimes are: 1) Crimes against humanity of murder and complicity and /or conspiracy to murder, torture, complicity and /or conspiracy in torture, collective punishment and conspiracy and or complicity in collective punishment, acts of terror, complicity and or conspiracy in the perpetration of the acts of terror, rape as a crime against humanity, indignities and other inhumane acts against a civilian population on discriminatory grounds due to their Southern Cameroons nationality,

2) Genocide and violation of article 9 of the genocide convention 1949.

3) The use of the military tribunal process to try civilians in violation international law.

4) The massive arrest, abductions and deportation of Southern Cameroonians to concentration camps, military and paramilitary institutions in la Republique du Cameroun.

5) Cruel, inhuman and degrading treatment.

The telephone operators with the exception of CAMTEL have willingly and substantially contributed to the perpetration of these crimes by the Republique du Cameroun by facilitating the collective punishment and the perpetration of the underlying crimes against the population of the Southern Cameroons and in the absence of military necessity in times of war duly declared pursuant to the laws and customs of war, a civilian population clamoring for respect of international law, an end of military occupation and the respect of international protected civil and political rights and civil liberties, human dignity and security of persons and sanctity of human life within their territory.

All Ambazonians worldwide should extend our protest actions to filing complaints well supported by evidence.

Chief Charles A.Taku