CRTV board adopts 27.4 billion FCFA as 2017 budget 0

It was an ordinary session of the board of directors meeting consecrated for the adoption of the budget. But it turned out to be a session to assess the company’s performance some few months after a new management team was installed headed by veteran journalist, Charles Ndongo.

The Board of Directors noted with satisfaction the performance of the Corporation and the new team innovative style of management especially during recent important events in the country. A case in point being the recent coverage of the Women AFCON where CRTV with the introduction of the two outside broadcasting vans consolidated its position as the leader Media in the country.

27.4 billion FCFA was adopted as budget for 2017 calendar year with a number of projects identified. The Board of Directors resolved to support the newly created News channels to begin broadcast in 2017.  The general manager, Charles Ndongo demanded and obtained a yes from the Board of Directors in his endeavor in improving the working conditions of employees of the Corporation.