CRTV: So fed up with mediocrity, Charles Ndongo calls veterans back on active duty 0

The general manager of the Cameroon Radio Television (CRTV), Charles Ndongo has launched a one-week exercise to push journalists to perfection. The operation dubbed, “La Radio des Icônes” or the Radio for Icons begins 28th August through 3rd September 2017.

During this time, fifteen former CRTV journalists who won the admiration of the Cameroonian people will present prime time news bulletins and programs on radio. Detailing the project to CRTV National Station newsroom staff, Charles Ndongo encouraged all to follow the footsteps of the icons that are being celebrated till date.

Renowned names in Cameroonian journalism like Abel Mbengue, Peter Essoka and Jean Claude Ottou hailed the Director General’s initiative calling it an opportunity to encourage the younger generation.

One of the media gurus on schedule, Peter Essoka advised the young journalists to be inquisitive, intuitive and humble. CRTV’s audience will therefore get another opportunity to listen to inspiring voices of the 80’s and 90’s.

Below is the program schedule:

Monday 28th August 2017
– One PM News Presenter: Jean Claude Ottou
– Sports Page Presenter: Abel Mbengue
– Three PM News Presenter: Peter Essoka

29th August 2017
– Les Matinées de la CRTV Presenter: Jean Marterne Ndi
– Seven PM News Presenter: Gideon Taka

30th August 2017
– One PM Presenter: Zacharie Ngniman
– Luncheon Date Presenter: Paul Kode

31st August 2017
– Les Matinées de la CRTV Presenter: Sally Messio
– Luncheon Date Presenter: Victor Epie Ngome

1st September 2017
– Five PM News Presenter: Barbara Etoa
– Weekend Sports Presenter: Njomo Kevin

2nd September 2017
– One PM news Presenter: Pascal Mebe Abah
– Saturday Evening Request Presenter: Mweng Meombo

3rd September 2017
– Dimanche Midi Presenter: Antoine Marie Ngono
– CRTV Afternoon Edition: Ngyetiko Musi

Source: CRTV