Davido to answer questions on the killing of Tagbo Umeike and 2 others 0

The popular Nigerian pop star Davido has been summoned by the Nigerian police in Lagos after the suspicious death of three of his acolytes. The Afrobeat  star with his real name David Adeleke was summoned by the Nigerian police in Lagos to be heard about the fuzzy circumstances around the death of three of his relatives in the space of a week.

The latest death is that of Tagbo Umeike, 35, whose body was abandoned at the General Hospital in Lagos on the 3rd October in the early morning after a very alcoholic evening. According to local police, he had consumed 40 shots of Tequila, with friends, including singer Davido.

The girlfriend of the deceased young man, Caroline Danjuma, a Nollywood actress has accussed the singer of having fled after having abandoned her friend. For now, the singer denied any connection with the deaths.

The tragedy started when the bodies of two other Davido comrades were found on the 7th of October in a BMW parked in a private residence in the chic Banana Island area in ​​Lagos.


By Chi Prudence Asong, CCN