Dead sperm whale found washed up on Cameroon beach 0

The body of a whale estimated at 14 meters long was washed up on the beach at Yoyo I in the Littoral region of French Cameroun. The discovery though not an unusual event quickly attracted people, including young men and women always eager for photos to post on social networks.

We gathered that it was a motorcycle rider who first saw the carcass at dawn. The local population rushed to the scene to get portions of the flesh but was discouraged by officials of the Conservation of the Douala-Edea Wildlife Reserve. The flesh of the whale was declared not good for consumption.

The tide reportedly moved the impressive carcass some seven kilometers, dragging it to a place called Kombo Molaka, a fishing camp. The smell had started to inconvenient the residents of the area. Consequently, under the guardianship of conservation experts, the body of the Sperm Whale was cut up and burned.

The big sperm whale is a kind of big toothed whale whose size makes it the largest carnivore in the world. Its body is grayish and its head is parallelepipedic, representing a third of the body mass. It can weigh up to 16 tons.

By Sonne Peter with files from Cameroon Info.Net