Death of Jean Foumane Akame end of an era; Its a personal loss for President Biya 0

Jean Foumane Akame a former legal adviser to President Biya died on Sunday in Geneva, Switzerland. The former technical adviser in charge of legal affairs at the General Secretariat of the Presidency of the Republic was quickly evacuated by medical aircraft over the weekend after a malaise.

A senior Magistrate and former Chancellor of the University of Yaoundé, Jean Foumane was a key player in the so-called “Sparrowhawk” operation that initiated the dubious anti corruption campaign and targeted opponents of the regime.

A chartered member of the ruling CPDM crime syndicate, Jean Foumane Akam made headlines when his name and signature appeared on a motion calling on Biya to run for president in October 2018-a move that revealed to the world that the Constitutional Council was a pro Biya institution.

Born August 31, 1937 in Ndonkol in the South region of Cameroon, Jean Fouman Akam who was appointed a member of the Constitutional Council in February 2018, has held numerous high offices since 1969.

He is presented by the press as the one who makes and breaks careers in the Cameroonian judiciary. He was a close friend to President Biya.

Sama Ernest