Democratic presidential race comes to an end with Clinton winning the contest 0

The Democratic presidential race has officially come to an end with Hillary Clinton winning the primary contest in the US capital, gaining nearly 79 percent of the vote. Clinton, who already had enough delegates to be her party’s presumptive nominee, won the Tuesday primary in the District of Columbia. The former secretary of state also met with rival Bernie Sanders Tuesday night and talked about the Democratic Party platform to be drawn up at this summer’s convention.

“We’re going to have a wide-ranging conversation, because we share a lot of the same goals,’’ Clinton said Tuesday night in an interview with Telemundo, an American Spanish-language broadcast television network. “We both want to raise the minimum wage, we want to fight inequality of income, we want to make college affordable and we certainly want everybody to get health care.”

“I very much am looking forward to having his support in this campaign, because Donald Trump poses a serious threat to our nation,” she added. Sanders has not formally ended his campaign and has not endorsed Clinton either. He has promised to give every voter a chance to decide between the two candidates. Nonetheless, the Vermont senator has said he’s committed to working with Clinton to defeat Trump, the presumptive Republican nominee. “Our goal must not be to allow politicians, Donald Trump or anyone else, to divide us,” he said outside his headquarters in Washington, DC.