French Cameroun Embassy in London comes under attack 0

A mammoth crowd of Southern Cameroonians converging in the UK have blocked all entrances leading to La Republique du Cameroon’s embassy in London. No car can pass through that road as angry protesters are staging a sit in strike. A serious traffic jam is slowly developing. Residents of the area say that if the protests continue for two more hours, almost a quarter of London will experience a lock down for most of the day.

The entrance into the embassy building has been barricaded by the British Police while the flag of La Republique could still be spotted flying. Some protesters hinted that as the crowd gathers and the day gets older, they will jump the barricade and bring down the doors, get in, remove and burn the flag of La Republique.

It is important to note that the UK remains a very import player in the struggle for the restoration of independence because the Brits failed to complete the independence process as was obliged by the Trusteeship Council of the UN in flagrant violation of international law.

Culled from AKOSON