Dion Ngute-Laurent Esso Palaver: PM travels to Douala with his own seat, carpet, food and drinking water 0

The tug of war between Prime Minister Dion Ngute and Justice Minister Laurent Esso took a very disturbing dimension yesterday in Douala, the economic capital which is Minister Laurent Esso’s constituency.

The so-called premier was in Douala with the CPDM begging bowl to meet the business community but failed to observe proper protocol. The Southern Cameroonian who moonlights as prime minister and head of government arrived Douala with his own seat, red carpet, food and drinking water.

Pro Minister Esso French Cameroun media houses accused Chief Dr Dion Ngute of hating the Sawa people and by extrapolation Minister Laurent Esso as he reportedly refused to attend a CPDM Littoral close door meeting and also turned down Douala police protection during the visit.

Dion Ngute was in Douala yesterday for a number of engagements including one with the business community known as GICAM.

A senior official at the Littoral Governor’s Office told Cameroon Concord News that it was deeply regrettable that the crisis in Southern Cameroons is now tearing the ruling CPDM party apart.

In a personal attack on the Southern Cameroons pro French Cameroun political elite, a Laurent Esso aide boasted that the prime minister will soon be arrested and he will be forced to show respect for Minister Esso.

The Star Building declined to comment on the happenings in Douala.

By Fon Lawrence in Douala