Disgusting and Disgraceful: 2 Francophone Ministers sleep rough at Nsimalen airport waiting for Biya 0

The French Cameroun dictator who left Yaoundé Thursday, September 14, 2017, finally returned to the nation’s capital on Saturday, October 21, 2017.

Paul Biya spent 36 days abroad. Between September the 17th  and September the 24th, Biya was seen in New York in the United States taking part in the 72nd regular session of the UN General Assembly.

But between September the 2 5th  and October 20th, 2017, President Paul Biya and his entourage stayed in an unknown destination in Europe.Through a funny return trip program signed by the State Protocol Service at the presidency of the Republic, it was revealed that the Cameroonian presidential couple was staying in Geneva, Switzerland.

In a shameful and disgusting show of support to the frail leader,  the Ministers of Higher Education and and Transport, Prof. Jacques Fame Ndongo and Edgard Alain Mebo Ngo’o were among the crowd of suffering militants of the ruling crime syndicate who waited all night long at the Nsimalen International airport to welcome the man who has msiruled Cameroon for 35 years.

By Rita Akana, CCN