Donald Trump’s victory: Why Cameroonians are so disappointed 0

Some knew Donald Trump would win and many had shared that view, unfortunately many in our Cameroonian Diaspora were so carried away by the Hillary Clinton euphoria to the extent that they failed to see reality. A road trip to the USA from Canada that took our contributing editor Dr. Joachim Arrey to six USA States informed us that Hillary did not stand a chance. Whereas elections in Cameroon are regularly won on CRTV, in the US elections don’t get won on CNN and Fox. They are won in the field.

 Most American networks don’t cover rural areas. The rural areas of this country are totally white and very populated and these people constitute about forty percent of the voting population. They love Trump and everything he says. Of vital importance is the fact that the coalition President Obama put together in 2008 was for his own election and not for Hillary Clinton. Many Cameroonian-Americans failed to see that.

Many Americans hate monarchies and the issue of household names-the Bush family, the Clintons, the Kennedys etc  To be sure, the founding fathers of that nation were people who detested the idea of royal families. Democrats did not see that and we are sure they now know. If Hillary had won, we would have been expecting a Michelle Obama ticket in the coming years. Democrats have to think and rethink things.

Besides, those demonstrations in California make no sense to sound minded people. Democracy indicates that when you lose, you lick your wounds and plan for the next event. Never underestimate anybody and don’t think your mind’s desires will always come true. Up to 90% of our dreams hardly become reality. Demonstrating simply implies that Clinton’s supporters are unfortunately not democratic enough. Donald Trump and his people have accepted the results and so too must Hillary’s supporters.

If they disagree, they can use the prescription they have all along been given to other nations which is the courts as the Trump team did when voting was going on. The will of the people must be respected. Trump has achieved his goals in life – being the USA president and retiring the Clintons once and for all.

Many more people are also on their way out of the political system following Mr. Trump’s feat. Let’s wait and see if he will drain the swamp as he said. However, we are already seeing many mechanical diggers heading to Washington. And the ban on Muslims might be on as the astute salesman is already pursuing them all over the place.

For Mexicans, they should start raising funds to finance the building of that wall. It’s surely going to start going up soon. The real estate mogul is already negotiating with contractors. If you are an African living in the States without papers, then know you have no business being there. Africa is your home. Donald Trump is already constituting a new force to rid that country of illegal immigrants. His word is his bond.

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