Douala: Cameroon destroys 37 tons of fake cement 0

740 bags of cement, (37 tons), have been destroyed in Douala. The cement was manufactured in a workshop located in Bonaloka, a popular district in the Douala metropolis. It was produced using a mixture of sand; with poor quality cement rejected by the main cement producing companies and was sold throughout the national territory.
The manufacturers of the fake cement were putting the resulting mixture (powder) in new bags bearing the names of the companies operating in the cement industry. They were sold on the market at the applicable official prices- between 4 600 FCFA and 4 700 FCFA in 8 of the 10 regions and between 6,000 and 6,500 CFA francs, in the Far North and North.
The fraudulent chain was uncovered by elements of the Second Gendarmerie legion in Douala, alerted by some concerned citizens. The stock was immediately destroyed on Friday, but there is no evidence that there are no other false cement manufacturing plants in a country where the bodies responsible for verifying products and trademarks are stuck in corruption and poor governance.
In a book titled “50 questions to understand”, the Cameroonian lawyer, Christian Dudieu Djomga, explains that counterfeiting was affecting all imported products and all brands in Cameroon.
By Fru James
Cameroon Concord News