Douala: Castel Group honors 455 employees 0

On January 12, 2024, Cameroon’s Minister of Labor and Social Security, Grégoire Owona, presided over a ceremony in Douala, to honor 455 employees from subsidiaries of the Castel Group.

The recipients, from Société anonyme des boissons du Cameroun (SABC), Société des eaux minérales du Cameroun (Semc), and Société camerounaise de verrerie (Socaver), were awarded medals for their dedication, hard work, and continuous improvement in their respective roles. The event showcased the employees’ commitment and contribution to the success of these companies within the Castel Group.

Stéphane Descazeaud, the Director-General of SABC, expressed his warm congratulations and appreciation for the employees’ longstanding commitment and outstanding performance. “These distinctions are the result of many years of dedication, commitment to your work, perseverance, and daily improvement of your expertise. These are the values and traditions that you embody, and you are an example for many of us to follow. (…) I extend my congratulations and warmest thanks to you because you have chosen to devote a significant part of your life to our company,” he said during the ceremony.

“I received a gold medal this time, after receiving silver and vermeil ones 11 years ago. It is the recognition of the Nation through the company Boissons du Cameroun,” rejoiced Vanessa Nana, one of the recipients. In total, the honored employees from the leading brewery in the Cameroonian market received 621 medals, including 327 in silver, 71 in gold, and 223 in vermeil.

Source: Business in Cameroon