Douala: CPDM man busted with 7 vaginas in his freezer 0

A prominent CPDM militant has been arrested in Douala for murdering a girl and mutilating her genitals in the economic metropolis. Police sources revealed that he lured the girl into his apartment, had sex with her and then killed her. The man seen here but whose name was not disclosed by police removed organs from the girl’s body including what a spokesman for the Douala police described as “genitals”.

Rita Akana of the Cameroon Intelligence Report hinted that the alleged murderer arrested and currently being detained by security agents in Bonanjo, the administrative district of Douala is a chartered member of a gang involve in trafficking human organs.  A security source who sued for anonymity said police also discovered 7 vaginas in his freezer. The neighbors who heard shouts from his apartment reportedly called in the police.

Organ traffic and ritual killings is rising in Cameroon. Many senior citizens are now involved in trafficking organs with the complicity of health personnel and doctors, for economic and financial purposes.

By Chi Prudence Asong

Cameroon Concord News