Douala: Family of supposed COVID-19 deceased victim shocked at what they saw 0

The family of a local official from the West Region of Cameroon was thrown into consternation, when their father was declared dead in a government hospital in Douala as a result of Covid 19.

According to a reliable family source, their father had complained of severe headache which they said was hypertension.

He was rushed to the said hospital, but few hours later, he was confirmed dead by government health officials who seen to be operating a money-making business out COVID-19.

As usual, the casket of COVID-19 victims are sealed and handed to the family for burial. In this case, something had to betray hospital officials who have been suspected of engaging in organ sales.

When the relations were handed the casket, some blood stains were discovered by the side of the casket which raised suspicion. The family insisted that the casket be opened, but was met with stiff resistance from the mortuary attendants.

They were warned not to open the casket and if they want they should do so in their village. This resulted in a fierce argument and the family of the deceased forcefully opened the sealed casket.

To their greatest surprise and dismay, the dead relative was not only naked inside the plastic bag, but his stomach had been slit open, and the intestines were gone.

That was when Hell broke loose as a free for all fight ensued between mortuary attendants and the deceased family.

It should be noted that the shabby and inhuman manner with which corpses claimed to be those of COVID-19 victims were being handled by hospital authorities was a call for concern.

Due to the constant fights in Cameroon hospitals, the powerless and irresponsible regime of President Paul Biya had no choice but to authorize relatives to bury their dead within 48 hours.

Who knows whether the others that have been buried before the new decree were not subjected to the same operations.

Organ sales have become so lucrative in Cameroon and many hospitals are making hay as the government fails to put in place rigorous measures that can spare the bereaved families the agony they have been going through because hospital officials want to make a quick buck.

 By Ndome Ntui in Douala