Dr. Christopher Fomunyoh says police brutality on Kumba youths “unacceptable” 0

Dr Christopher Fomunyoh was honored on Tuesday December 20, 2016 by the Publisher of The Scoop newspaper. The much respected Cameroonian opinion leader who also moonlights with the US based National Democratic Institute was described during the award ceremony as the most Combatant politician in Cameroon in 2015.

The President of US based National Democratic Institute, NDI; Dr Christopher Fomunyoh used the forum to assure the people of Kumba that the time has come when all their wounds will be healed and their worries forgotten.

He described recent Police brutality on Kumba youths as unacceptable and urged them to hold on steadfast, “This is an opportune moment to send a strong message to fellow Cameroonians to say I have been very dismay by what is happening since the month of November,I have really been saddened by the loss of lives and the violence and my message is that this is the time for healing ,the healing needs to begin and it is going to happen”. He reassured them.

Kumba inhabitants say they now live in fear of the unknown after last week’s brutal acts on them where some youth lost their lives and others were arrested.

Culled from Cameroun Info.Net