East Cameroon Crisis: Several MRC militants disappeared after protests 0

Scores of people prevented from participating in the French Cameroun protest in the cities of Douala and Yaounde have vanished and remain unaccounted for; a senior official of the MRC party of Prof Maurice Kamto who sued for anonymity hinted Cameroon Intelligence Report late on Tuesday.

Many MRC party officials have reportedly fled to neighbouring Equatorial Guinea and Gabon in fear for their own safety. CIR understands the Maurice Kamto supporters were made to disappear by the regime of 87 year old Paul Biya who is still clinging to power despite continuing widespread crisis in Southern Cameroons and Boko Haram attacks in the Far North.

A Roman Catholic priest who spoke to our Douala correspondent at the time of filing this report observed that those made to disappear after Tuesday’s protest shall face a similar situation like the Southern Cameroons prisoners of conscience and will be in jail without any court and they will be held there simply for their desire to live in a free country.

“During the demonstrations,” he said in clear English, “we still do not know the where about of 20 of our militants who were at the residence of our National Chairman Prof Maurice Kamto in Yaounde. The international community should understand that Cameroonians will not accept Biya anymore” — the MRC leader added.

“Everybody has seen all the killings and violence that Paul Biya and his gang have committed in Southern Cameroons and not one fact finding mission was organized to investigate this by the UN or the African Union” he furthered.

The MRC official spoke to CIR hours after thousands of French speaking Cameroonians took to the streets in Douala and Yaounde after the regime deployed large contingents of troops and police, and cordoned off key buildings, including the residence of Prof Maurice Kamto.

By Rita Akana in Yaounde