East Region CPDM Man arrested for illegally keeping elephant tusks in his house 0

An official of the Regional Delegation of the Ministry of Forestry and Wild Life for the East Region who also moonlights as a chartered member of the ruling CPDM party, Poye Narcisse Alex has been arrested for illegally keeping elephant tusks in his house.

Poye Narcisse who got a part time job at the regional delegation via his political connections found himself in police drag net on the 2nd of October 2016 at Kika Village a locality situated at the border with the Republic of Congo.

The Brigade Commander of the Gendarmerie for the East Region, Paul Nseng Aka’a who ordered the arrest, revealed that Narcisse Alex while on duty came across four illegal Nigerian traffickers of elephant tusks who abandoned their belongings and escaped. Alex Narcisse then picked up the elephant tusks left behind by the Nigerian businessmen and instead of reporting the happenings to the Gendarmerie, decided in a typical CPDM pattern to transport the items to his residence.

A day after the incident, he personally told the Gendarmerie Legion Command that he had impounded 4 elephant Tusks from some illegal traffickers instead of 11. An investigation led the forces of law and order to his home where they discovered the rest of the tusks. The 30 year old Narcisse Alex and one other suspect are presently under detention in an undisclosed National Gendarmerie Post in the East Region pending further investigation.

Rita Akana with files from CRTV