Election results to throw UK into political chaos 0

Final results of the UK general election indicate that the Conservative Party of British Prime Minister Theresa May has been delivered a heavy blow by the people as she failed to secure majority seats in the parliament. Press TV interviewed Robert Evans, a former member of the European Parliament from London, and Ian Williams, an expert of the Foreign Policy in Focus from New York, on Britain’s political outlook following the shock vote.

Evans predicts that Britain would experience “complete and utter political chaos” in the next few months as the general elections ended in a hung parliament, where the Conservatives won 318 seats, short of the 326 they needed for an outright majority and well down from the 330 seats they had before.

The Conservatives would criticize the prime minister for such a “poor campaign” that ended up in losing 13 seats in the Parliament, he added.

The commentator also warned that Britain is facing turmoil because the Tories have failed to secure a stable transition period ahead of Brexit talks.

“We are in not quite a political stalemate, but we are in a situation of turmoil just when the Conservative said they wanted stability because of the Brexit debates and Brexit arguments,” he added.

He further pointed to Theresa May’s unsuccessful campaign that paved the way for Jeremy Corbyn’s Labour Party to clinch 261 seats in the parliament.

“This result is a big surprise for many people because we have been told repeatedly by the opinion polls that something different was going to happen,” Evans noted.

British Prime Minister and leader of the Conservative Party Theresa May makes a statement outside 10 Downing Street in central London on June 9, 2017. (Photo by AFP)

May “thought when she called the election very arrogantly that she was going to get a big vote of confidence but in fact the British people have spoken and they said they don’t like what is going on, they didn’t like the manifest that the Conservatives put forward,” he argued.

The former member of the European Parliament blamed the premier for her party’s defeat in the snap election.

“Theresa May refused to debate, she refused to talk with the ordinary people in the election” and “she has paid the price for that,” the analyst added.

Another panelist, Williams, said that Theresa May made a mistake when she called for a snap election because the prime minister had a wrong expectation about winning the election.

May could not get a majority in the parliament, because she had US President Donald “Trump’s politics” and former US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s “demeanor,” which is a fatal combination, the analyst elaborated.

He also forecast “a very precarious future” for the United Kingdom and for Theresa May, who needs to form a coalition government, while “almost all of other parties in the parliament are opposed to the Tory policy of austerity and cuts in spending and welfare.”

This is a clear mandate from the British public against conservative and neo-liberal austerity policies, Williams concluded.

Culled from Presstv