Equatorial Guinea Minister says Biya only sheltering thieves 0

A Cameroonian senator, Francois-Xavier Ondo has reportedly extorted the sum of 465 million FCFA from a senior political figure and aide to the Head of State of Equatorial Guinea in one of the biggest 419 scams in the country’s history.

Edjo Avomo Melchor Esono, a former Minister and current senator in Equatorial Guinea was rolled by his Cameroonian notary named Francois-Xavier Ondo and collected the sum of 465 million CFA francs, destined for the acquisition of a piece of land in Yaoundé. To this day not only that the Guinean senator has not been able to take possession of the land he solicited, the worst is that Edjo Avomo Melchor Esono has also not recovered the funds made available to his Cameroonian colleague.

The Biya acolyte claimed that he was attacked by armed robbers and the money washed away in Yaounde.  Several requests for the waiver of immunity from François-Xavier Menye Ondo by the Equatorial Guinea Chancellery in the Senate office have met with a stone wall with President Biya maintaining a kind of deliberate silence. The Equatorial Guinean politician was quoted saying that “Biya is sheltering thieves.”

By Rita Akana

Cameroon Concord News