Equatorial Guinea: President Obiang’s brother and ally dies 0

A brother of Equatorial Guinea’s long-serving ruler Teodoro Obiang Nguema and the minister in charge of his security has died.

Antonio Nguema died of an unspecified illness at a hospital in South Africa.

He survived numerous cabinet reshuffles as defence minister and, until his death, as minister of presidential security.

In fact, he was among the top brass who helped strengthen his family’s grip on power, crushing two attempts at overthrowing the government.

This kind of loyalty and effectiveness convinced President Teodoro Obiang to elevate the affairs of his personal security to cabinet status.

It is not immediately clear who will replace him, the president will will be looking for an ally who will help keep his government entrenched.

After 40 years in power, he remains the world’s longest-serving non-royal head of state.

Culled from the BBC